Alternate file location using install_client_files

I bet we all have tried this, you need to install a Netbackup client, just to discover that there is no place in /tmp. What now ??. Well, there is hope. With a little script hack it possible to let the “install_client_files” script install files in another directory than /tmp.
  • Identify client you want to push
  • Go to /usr/openv/netbackup/client/{HW}/{OS}/ for a SUSE2.6 that would be /usr/openv/netbackup/client/Linux/Linux/SuSE2.6
  • Edit file install_client
  • Find variable DEST_DIR=/tmp/bp.${pid} on line 891 (as of 6.5.4), and change the destination folder e.g. DEST_DIR=/var/bp.${pid}
  • Save file.
  • Push agent
  • Revert change back
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