Netbackup Status code 2074 & disk volume is down

Backups to a Disk Storage Unit (DSU) intermittent fails with status code 2074 and an “EMM status: Disk volume is down” message.

31-07-2011 15:24:08 – requesting resource jpto-dsu
31-07-2011 15:24:08 – requesting resource
31-07-2011 15:24:08 – requesting resource affmaster01.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.WIN_FS_JPTO
31-07-2011 15:24:08 – awaiting resource jpto-dsu.
31-07-2011 19:32:27 – Error nbjm (pid=30793) NBU status: 2074, EMM status: Disk volume is down

MacAfee was scanning the backup images written to the DSU.

Exclude MacAfee from scanning the Netbackup Images files in the DSU area.

See also Symantec Tech Note:
General recommendations for virus scanner exclusions working with NetBackup

Next tech note has a full description of how to exclude Netbackup in Mcafee

3RD PARTY: NetBackup Services are randomly shutting down on Windows servers after applying a patch for McAfee McShield 8.5 or 8.7i


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