How to verify connectivity from Netbackup media server to a HPE StoreOnce using Catalyst

Obtain a list of defined storage server

# nbdevquery -listdp -stype hp-StoreOnceCatalyst

Last column in the output is the defined Storage Server. Then run this command from the Netbackup media server :

bpstsinfo -serverinfo -storage_server {storage server name}   -stype hp-StoreOnceCatalyst

Output from command should look like this, any other message indicate connectivity issue:

Server Info:
Server Name: hp-StoreOnceCatalyst: {storage server name}
Supported Stream Formats:
Maximum Connections: 0
Current Connections: 1
Supported Interfaces:
Supported Credentials:

If diskpool is in up state, and the command above works, but backup fails with status 2074, check the OST credentials configured with tpconfig. The Cayalyst debug log in /usr/openv/hpe/ost/logs will contain lines with “OSCLT_ERR_PERMISSION_DENIED”.

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