bplist – a handy tool for the Netbackup admin

The bplist is a handy tool for the Netbackup admin to list files and folders , however it’s pretty picky with it’s arguments. The cause is bplist assumptions.

  • If no path is specified current path is presumed
  • if no start time is specified , bplist searches 12 hours back.
  • if no type (-t) is specified standard is assumed (type 0).

Always  remember to :

Specify a path, / is a good start

Specify a start time unless you know the backup is younger than 12 hour.

Always specify the -R option.

Specify a type (-t) unless you are listing UNIX type backup.

For Windows hosts.

List files from a Windows client use:

# bplist -B -C  host.acme.com  -l -R -t 13 -s 06/05/2010 /

YES, the / as path actual work. You can substitute the / with a drive letter, but you must use drive letter in upper case.

# bplist -B -C  host.acme.com  -t 13 -l -R  -s 06/07/2010 /C/

# bplist -B -C  host.acme.com  -t 13 -l -R  -s 06/07/2010 /c/ WRONG !!

For Unix host

Since UNIX system uses type 0 (Standard) you can omit the -t option.

# bplist -B -C  host.acme.com  -l -R  -s 06/05/2010 /

Listing a Oracle backup, Oracle is type 4

# bplist -B -C ora.acme.com -R -l -t 4 -s 01/01/2015 /

For NDMP host

bplist will also work with NDMP backup’s

# bplist -B -C nasdkba001.acme.com -l -R -t 19 /

 Netbackup types:

As a service, a list of the Netbackup types (Source: Symantec Tech note TECH27299). Use the Netbackup types jointly with bplist -t option.

0	Standard
1	Proxy	NetBackup internal setting
2	Non-Standard	NetBackup internal setting
3	Apollo-wbak	NetBackup DataCenter only
4	Oracle
5	Any policy type
6	Informix-On-BAR
7	Sybase
8	MS-Sharepoint	NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
9	MS-Windows	Not active, use MS-Windows-NT (13) for Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003 clients.
10	NetWare
11	DataTools-SQL-BackTrack
12	Auspex-FastBackup
13	MS-Windows-NT
14	OS/2
15	MS-SQL-Server
16	MS-Exchange-Server
17	SAP	NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
18	DB2	NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
20	FlashBackup	NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
21	Split-Mirror	NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
22	AFS	NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
23	DFS	Not an active policy type.
24	DataStore
25	Lotus-Notes
26	NCR-Teradata	No longer supported, contact NCR to see if they provide an extension.
27	OpenVMS
28	MPE/iX
29	FlashBackup-Windows	NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
30	Vault
31	BE-MS-SQL-Server
32	BE-MS-Exchange-Server
33	Macintosh	Not active, use Standard (0) for Macintosh OSX clients.
34	Disk Staging	NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
35	NBU-Catalog	NetBackup 6.0 only
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