My mission with this website:

Share some of the oddities I have found working with Netbackup for the last 10 years.

On the net:

You can find me on Linkedin, but I mostly hang out on Veritas VOX.

If you want to contact me send a email at : nicolai.mass {at} gmail dot com

Who am I :

I am 46 year old, married gifted with two lovely daughters. I live in Frederikssund, about 40 km west of Copenhagen in Denmark.

I am currently employed at Milestone System as a manager for IT infrastructure. My previous employment was for NNIT as Service Architect for backup & recovery.

In my spare time I love to take a bike ride out in the blue or give a hand, making sure “S/S Skjelskør” a 100 year old steam ship in Frederikksund harbour keeps afloat.

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